The reference platform kernel is located at: master

Changes for the reference platform kernel should have been posted upstream for the current development kernel prior to submission to the reference platform kernel. Changes do not need to have been accepted, they only need to have been posted since the last merge window. They do need to work with other changes in the reference platform kernel and meet quality standards but can still be in review, the full policy can be seen in

To submit changes:

  1. Make a git branch based off Linus’ most recent -rc1 tag (or a newer one if there are dependencies) with the changes
  2. Create a tag (ideally signed using ‘git tag -s’). The tag message should describe the change, why it is being proposed for the reference platform and link to the upstream submission (ideally using
  3. Send a pull request for the tag generated using ‘git request-pull’ to Mark Brown and the RPK list (TBD).