Reference Software Platform - CI

List of current CI jobs ( which are maintained as part of the Reference Software Platform lead project.

  • Reference GRUB

    • Created so we can start moving the grub logic into a more desktop-standard behavior
    • Grub built to search for the root file system via labels, and loads kernel, initrd and grub.conf from the rootfs (system partition)
  • Reference UEFI

    • Created to avoid conflicts and issues with the branch and build job used by the hikey member images
    • Useful for upstreaming work and early bring up
    • Later on this job might not be required, and simply migrated to the Linaro EDK2 tree
  • Reference Kernel

    • Consumes and builds the common kernel tree that is maintained by Amit
    • Not yet used by any of the builds
  • Reference Kernel - Matrix

    • Similar to the main reference kernel job, but uses trees/branches that are based from the landing team trees
    • To be used until we can get the reference tree in place
    • Job responsible for producing the kernel used by the Debian RPBs
  • Reference Kernel - Enterprise

    • Consumes and build the common kernel tree for Enterprise, maintained by Amit
    • Job responsible for producing the kernel used by the EE RPBs
  • Reference Build - AOSP

    • Same tree and job previously done by Vishal
    • To be migrated to a 4.1 based kernel, once ready
    • Dragonboard™ 410c not yet supported
  • Reference Build - Debian

    • Using the reference components (grub, uefi, kernel)
    • Matrix job that will be extended to support additional boards
    • Rootfs is shared with the other builds, effort to make the changes generic enough to be used by others
  • Reference Build - OpenEmbedded
    • Still a matrix job, not yet building a single rootfs

Every artifact produced by the builds described in this page can be found at