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Learn more about UEFI/EDK2

EDK2 is a modern, feature-rich, cross-platform firmware development environment for the UEFI and PI specifications.

The reference UEFI/EDK2 tree used by the EE-RPB comes directly from upstream, based on a specific commit that gets validated and published as part of the Linaro EDK2 effort (which is available at https://git.linaro.org/uefi/linaro-edk2.git).

Since there is no hardware specific support as part of EDK2 upstream, an external module called OpenPlatformPkg is also required as part of the build process.

EDK2 is currently used by 96boards LeMaker Cello, AMD Overdrive, ARM Juno r0/r1/r2, HiSilicon D02 and HiSilicon D03.

This guide provides enough information on how to build UEFI/EDK2 from scratch, but meant to be a quick guide. For further information please also check the official Linaro UEFI documentation, available at https://wiki.linaro.org/ARM/UEFI and https://wiki.linaro.org/LEG/Engineering/Kernel/UEFI/build